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Preparedness and awareness strategies for any organization.


Each service will provide the building blocks to enhance the safety and security of your organization.  Whether conducting an assessment, developing training or providing technical assistance,  RESPONSE𝑜𝓁𝑜𝑔𝓎 has a solution for your organization. Our strategies work in any industry and organizations of any size.


One of the oldest examples of security design is a castle. Castles generally leverage design features such as tall towers and clear zones for surveillance, as well as access control elements like walls, moats, berms, drawbridges, terrain, water, rock/stone, and limited access points. Any castle and fortification can be breached by a determined and resourceful foe, but leaving the drawbridge down and the moat empty will clearly leave the inhabitants and jewels inside vulnerable and exposed.

It is not uncommon, even in some low-security settings like a school or church, to have video surveillance systems, access control systems, sensors, alarms, and other elements interacting with one another and often working in concert. Unfortunately, all of these systems are only as strong as the human element behind them. Strict enforcement of policies and procedures along with training and awareness for occupants can increase security significantly. Let us help you secure your "Castle" in these not-so-Medieval times.

  • Conduct Physical Security Assessments of all facilities

  • Conduct Behavioral Health/School Climate Assessments for K12 schools

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Consulting and Training

  • Comprehensive Review of Current Security/Safety Policies and Procedures 

  • Review and update current crisis response plans for your organization

  • Provide facilitated training to prepare your organization for environmental, technological, and man-made threats

  • Review SRO, school police, and school security officer​ programs

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Assessment

  • ​Site Vulnerability Assessments

  • Grant Writing Services​

  • Act 67 School Security Personnel Training

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